Everything to compare your PDF files

Text processing and typesetting: PDF/PDF
Shows you the difference! The perfect text comparison
for your PDF documents.
Reformatted texts, new layout, document versions, revised content? PDiff shows you the textual differences. More...
Prepress: PDF/PDF
checks your ready-to-print PDFs for graphical correctness
Editing customer artworks - is still everything correct? d'accord Pro detects visual differences between PDF revisions.  More...
Final Inspection: PDF/Scan
checks your printed image and Braille embossing against the PDF master
Is your printed product consistent with your PDF master? Is your Braille embossing correct? d'accord Scan gives you assurance. More...
Document collections: PDF/PDF
checks high volumes of PDF documents for graphical correctness
Changing between design tools? Are generated documents still consistent? d'accord Doc compares "before" to "after". More...