The new version d’accord Scan M 2.1 is available for download. The latest release of the digital print inspection software contains, among others, the following new features to compare PDF with Scans.

  • NEW: Automatic page pairings for files with different page counts
  • NEW: Adjustable render resolution (> 150dpi) for higher details – requirement: good scan quality
  • NEW: Warning for files with poor scan quality: yellow warning triangle in the toolbar indicates low image resolution
  • NEW: Add-On Batch Processing: in the GUI with the menu item File > Batch Processing or without GUI via command line call (CLI)
  • NEW: Comparison of scan against scan (in addition to the comparison of born-digital PDFs against scans)
  • NEW: Settings > Adaption > Compensate for PDF A slant and Compensate for PDF B slant allows automatic straightening of tilted scans.
  • NEW: Settings > Adaption > Compensate for scaling allowes the automatic size correction for differently scaled pages (e.g. printed out with Fit to page versus 100%).
  • NEW: Progress indicator (stop watch) in the toolbar for longer processing steps
  • NEW: Window > Registration shows a movable overlay of both versions of the current page
  • NEW: Start dialog with adjustable page ranges for PDF and Scan. This allows to compare input files with different page counts when additional pages (e.g. front matter or back matter) are omitted and a page range with identical page counts is recreated.
  • NEW: New application icon
  • NEW: Threshold values thr which are particularly high are highlighted in yellow or red in the toolbar as a warning that tolerances are set to unusually high values.
  • Fix (Mac version): Compatibility mit macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Fix (Mac version): Compatibility with new Apple M1 Chip
Comparison of PDF to Scan with d'accord Scan using the example of a technical manual

With d’accord Scan, you can check your printed products against the ready-to-print PDF. The digital print inspection shows you all differences between scan and PDF – as a side-by-side comparison of the two versions and with a navigable list of differences.

The areas of application of d’accord Scan M include multi-page brochures, manuals, technical documentation, catalogs and commercials, which you can digitize with a feed scanner (e.g. DIN A4) or a flatbed scanner (e.g. DIN A3).

With the version d’accord Scan XL, you can check the entire print sheet against the imposed PDF using a large-format scanner (e.g. DIN A0).

d’accord Scan is available as 64-bit version for Mac OS X and Windows. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library™. Try d’accord Scan now: free trial version at