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Edit PDF boxes with PdfBoxEditor

The correct setting of PDF boxes is crucial for everyone working with PDF documents: When you create, distribute or process PDF files, the MediaBox and the CropBox are the fundamental regions for display and print. When you prepare PDF documents for professional printing projects, you will also take special care that the BleedBox and the TrimBox are defined correctly - and sometimes you will even need the ArtBox. If you are a PDF professional working with PDFs from numerous sources, you will have to inspect all incoming files for their boxes and many of them will need corrections or additions of misdefined boxes.

PdfBoxEditor provides you a handy and powerful tool for editing, viewing and inspecting PDF boxes. Some typical tasks include:

  • Before you submit your project to a printing company, you should thoroughly check if all required boxes are present in your press-ready PDF and if they align correctly with the printer’s marks.
  • When you receive PDF files for further processing, you have to get an overview of the boxes defined by other authors. In case of missing or misaligned boxes, you will have to correct the settings and copy them to all applicable pages.
  • Before you distribute your PDF documents, reassure that no confidential data is contained outside the visible area defined by the CropBox.
  • You have got PDF documents with printer’s marks but without PDF boxes. Simply add the missing boxes - e.g. the TrimBox - and use the guides in the PDF preview to quickly and precisely align the box with the printer’s marks.
  • Your PDF document has white margins which you would like to reduce for printing or display on a mobile device. Create a CropBox around the relevant page area and copy the box settings to all other pages.

Key Features

  • PDF preview with highlighted box areas
  • guides to precisely check box alignment with printer’s marks
  • selected boxes can be copied to all, even, or odd pages
  • redefinition of boxes based on graphical adjustments or textual inputs
  • creation of missing boxes
  • tabular overview of all box settings
  • available units: cm, inch, mm, pt
  • undo functions

Interface Languages

English, German

Available on Mac App Store

PdfBoxEditor for Mac is available on the Mac App Store.

Version History

Version 1.1:

  • App icon (including dock icon) accepts drop of PDF files
  • Fix for media box origin different from (0,0)

Version 1.0:

  • Initial release


PdfBoxEditor released

| PdfBoxEditor

New software PdfBoxEditor allows you to edit, view, and inspect PDF boxes.

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