All our products work without the cloud

Your files are sensitive data and confidential documents. That is why we decided that all our products work without the cloud and that all data processing takes place locally on your computer.

Your data belongs to you – and we would like to explain our promise to you in the following.

What about the privacy of your documents?

Before you can check your files with our software, you naturally ask yourself many important questions:

  • What happens to my data when I let the software process it?
  • Is my data transmitted over the Internet, processed and stored on external computers?
  • How secure are the transmission channels against unauthorized eavesdropping?
  • And how well are the external storage locations secured against unauthorized access or data loss?
  • How long is the data stored and how can it be reliably deleted?

The answer to all questions is simple!

Since all of our software products work entirely locally on your computer, the answer to all questions is simple:

  • Your documents will never be transmitted over the internet.
  • The processing and storage of the results takes place in a local storage location at your site.
  • This also means: There is no order data processing within the meaning of the GDPR, your documents do not leave your site.
  • Business or operational matters or personal data do not leave your company.
  • Your documents, settings, search terms used, the frequency of using certain program functions, your address and telephone book, location-related data etc are never transmitted by our software – neither to us nor to third parties.
  • Our products are used by leading companies in the research, development, insurance, administration, law, finance and production sectors. We would be happy to provide you with a reference customer list.

Why does the software still need an internet connection?

The software requires an internet connection for the following purposes:

  • for license check: For this purpose, the required data, such as license key, product name, hardware ID, number of program runs and a timestamp, are transmitted to us using the encrypted HTTPS protocol.
  • for update notifications: If you manually check for updates, the product name and version are transferred.
  • for help files: If you manually request help documents, the product name and version are transferred.

Again for clarification:

  • Your documents will never be transferred: All calculations on your data will be done locally on your computer and the results will be stored locally.

What else is there to consider?

  • If you send us information about business or operational matters or personal data (e.g. by e-mail, web form submission or telephone), we are commited to keep it confidential. That is why we have made a confidentiality declaration part of our maintenance contract. If you need a special NDA, please contact us.
  • If you would like to provide us with sample data that contain personal data, we recommend anonymizing it beforehand.
  • Realistically speaking, program crashes cannot be completely ruled out. When planning your information security, please also take into account that many operating systems transfer data to the operating system manufacturer (“telemetry”) without describing the type and scope in more detail. Such data will not be transmitted to us.
  • If you require a full offline operation, please contact us! We have a solution for this, too.