The new version d'accord 3.0 has been released. New features in this version of the graphical PDF comparison solution are among others:

  • Completely redesigned GUI with the aim of a simpler, more intuitive and effective operation
  • Input files appear in file trees, structured by file names and associated pages
  • Interactions with the file tree at various hierarchical levels (files/pages) with the context menu or by left clicking on the arrow icon
  • Zoom window with a three-part synchronous display of PDF A/PDF B/diffs following mouse motion in the main window and with highlighting of the zoom area in the overall view
  • Fast flashing between PDF A/PDF B to highlight deviations via the Alt key
  • New toolbar: zoom button (incl. "Resize to window"), toggle between PDF A/PDF B, filter to display deviations (accepted, unrated, rejected) and settings
  • Deviation pixels are circled for precise grouping with polygons instead previously with circles/rectangles
  • New toolwindow: tabular listing of all deviations for step-by-step reviewing, commenting and ordering
  • New toolwindow displays details of the imposition analysis as crosstabulation of items between PDF A/PDF B
  • New toolwindow with a histogram of the difference pixels for more precise determination of the setting Tproof
  • Import dialog for PDFs extended with PDF boxes including sizes (in mm) and an option for the function "Crop to largest segment"
  • New label scheme for items: A1.x, B1.x etc. to denote the input file A1, B1, … and the page number x
  • New project format with better compatibility between Mac OS and Windows, loading the old project format is still possible
  • New, additional report format: 1- or 2-sided short report with PDF annotations at locations with deviations

d'accord shows you quickly and safely all differences in graphics and text - as a contrast of the two PDFs and with highlighted deviations. This allows you to quickly verify post-process editing and to detect unintentional changes.

Applications of d'accord include packaging, folding cartons, blister cards, brochures and commercials.

d'accord is available as 64-bit version for Mac OS X and Windows. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library™. Business customers can request a free trial at