The new version d’accord 3.2 is available for download. The latest release of the of the graphical PDF comparison solution includes the following changes to d’accord 3.1:

  • NEW: Floating licence modell (= Concurrent-User Licence) as an alternative to node-locked licences
  • NEW: Highlighting of the current difference on the sheet:
    • flashing of temporary crosshair
    • static marking in the rulers
  • NEW: For newly added PDF files, the dieline contour layers are now treated with prioritization. That means, the layers listed under Settings > PDF > Dieline Layer Names are searched for in input PDFs in the given order, and only the first matching layer gets the scissors symbol in the import dialog.
  • NEW: Holding the ALT key at program start shows a dialog to reset all saved window positions and layouts.
  • NEW: Magnifier windows with new widget for zoom settings (-/percent/+)
  • NEW: Magnifier automatically selects the appropriate zoom factor when clicking on a deviation from the list
  • NEW: Switch to turn off the crosshairs in the magnifier windows (state is automatically saved on program exit)

d’accord shows you quickly and safely all differences in graphics and text – as a contrast of the two PDFs and with highlighted deviations. This allows you to quickly verify post-process editing and to detect unintentional changes.

Applications of d’accord include packaging, folding cartons, blister cards, brochures and commercials.

d’accord is available as 64-bit version for Mac OS X and Windows. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library™. Try d’accord now: free trial version at