The new version d’accord 4.1.3 is available for download. The latest release of the of the graphical PDF comparison solution includes the following changes:

  • NEW: Copying of comments with the shortcut key CMD-c/CTRL-c (copy) and CMD-v/CTRL-v (paste) into multiple selected rows of the Difference Gallery
  • NEW: Progress indicator when importing PDFs
  • Update: Latest Adobe PDF Library version 18.0.4PlusP2k
  • Fix: Difference pixels were hightlighted in black instead of transparent overlay
  • Fix (Mac version): Crash when clicking on item or sheet icons
  • Fix: Import of PDF files with empty pages (and missing PDF Resource Dictionary)
  • Fix: Function of the minus button to delete sheets (PDF B)
  • Fix: Update of the red difference counters on the thumbnails after checking off as OK

d’accord shows you quickly and safely all differences in graphics and text – as a contrast of the two PDFs and with highlighted deviations. This allows you to quickly verify post-process editing and to detect unintentional changes.

Applications of d’accord include packaging, folding cartons, blister cards, brochures and commercials.

d’accord is available as 64-bit version for Mac OS X and Windows. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library™. Try d’accord now: free trial version at