The new version Diff GT 2.0 is available for download. The latest release of the PDF comparison software for circuit diagrams and technical drawings includes the following new features:

  • NEW: completely redesigned GUI: asynchronous calculations and parallel processing on multicore CPUs
  • NEW: Settings extended
    • NEW: separate menu item Settings, removed from start dialog
    • NEW: Settings > PDF with render flags and text flags
    • NEW: Settings > Text with options for font attributes to be compared, colors, and tolerances
  • NEW: Menu item Profiles > Load/Save to import/export settings profiles
  • NEW: Graphics tolerance can be changed interactively (Toolbar)
  • NEW: Settings for evaluated projects can be changed later and cause a recalculation of the results
  • NEW: Report automatically selects optimal page orientation for each page (portrait/landscape)
  • Fix: Loading of PDFs with PDF rotation flag

With Diff GT, you compare circuit diagrams and technical drawings for differences. You can see all changes in seconds, even with hundreds of pages. With the digital comparison, you will not miss even the smallest difference on the largest paper size. You can compare PDF files with different numbers of pages. Diff GT automatically synchronizes related pages. Even versions with shifts or scaling of the page format are no problem: For this Diff GT has a special registration function. You can export the comparison result in a clear PDF report.

Applications include among others: Circuit diagrams, technical drawings, design drawings (CAD) and blueprints.

Diff GT is available as a 64-bit version for Window and Mac OS X. Both versions are based on the leading PDF technology of the Adobe® PDF Library™. Try Diff GT 2.0 now: free trial version at