We are currently receiving numerous customer inquiries in connection with the corona crisis, which we would like to answer in the following.

Our software for PDF comparison and checking is used particularly intensively in companies that belong to the system-relevant infrastructure, e.g. pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical technology, hospital administrations, energy suppliers and also food producers.

To maintain these important structures, we have taken effective measures that benefit all of our customers at the same time.

How can you use your software licenses when you work from home?

We are happy to offer all customers with a current maintenance contract the opportunity to use their existing software licenses to work from home.

Probably, you can already use our software licenses from home thanks to in-house IT provisions such as VPN access or company laptops.

If this is not possible, please contact us so that we can provide you with additional temporary licenses for your workplace at home – of course free of charge.

What measures have been taken at CSci?

We guarantee our customers the maintenance of all services and unlimited productivity through technical and organizational measures:

  • health protection of our employees through increased hygiene measures in the workplace and a significant increase in the proportion of working from home
  • permanent availability via all communication channels through transparent, decentralized forwarding of e-mail, telephone and screen sharing
  • distributed server operation for web servers, ongoing operation of software licenses and delivery of software products including secure remote access for emergency operations
  • 100% productivity of software development through years of tried and tested toolchain for location-independent development