The new ChkBarcode version 2.1 is now available. New features in this minor release of the barcode verification system include among others:

  • NEW (Mac version): First release as Universal 2 Binary for Intel x86-64 processors and ARM64 Apple Silicon M1 / M1 Pro / M1 Max (for macOS 10.14 to 12.x)
  • NEW: For the barcode type itf (ITF-14), the report shows measurements for Magnification, Width, Height and Quiet Zones and compares them to the spec (columns min, max and status).
  • NEW: Under Settings > Barcodes > Allowed Codes Types and Order (or for batch processing by means of the argument --ctypes") you can define now define a preferred order, so that ambiguous codes will be detected as the code type with higher precedence (towards the beginning of the list). For example, the ambiguity between UPC-A codes with a leading 0 and EAN-13 codes can be resolved: if the type upc_a is given in the list before ean13. For the inverted order, i.e. ean13 before upc_a, codes with a leading 0 will always be detected as EAN-13 codes.
  • NEW: Tolerances for EAN SC sizes with batch processing by means of the arguments --ean_sc_lo_mm and --ean_sc_hi_mm analoguosly to the interactive settings in the GUI under Settings > EAN > SC tolerance (lower/higher)
  • NEW: Adjustable height truncation for EAN codes in the GUI under Settings > EAN > Minimum truncated height or with batch processing by the argument --ean_trunc_h_mm
  • NEW: Adjustable lighting color, e.g for the simulation von red laser light (treatment of non-white background colors and non-black bar colors): in the GUI under Settings > PDF > Lighting color or with batch processing by the argument --lighting_color=#rrggbb
  • NEW: Title in the PDF report with an overall status for all barcodes, possible values are fail|n/a|pass
ChkBarode: Check barcodes in PDF artworks

ChkBarcode checks quickly and securely all barcodes directly in your ready-to-print PDFs. The verification software ChkBarcode finds 1D and 2D barcodes for you, determines the type, reads the contents and measures the quite zone, checks the dimensions, measures the barcode elements and determines the bar width reduction (BWR). Then it depends on your requirements. With ChkBarcode, you create a QS report and use the results to control your workflow.

Applications of ChkBarcode are among others: packaging, folding boxes, blister cards, brochures and commercials.

ChkBarcode is available as a 64-bit version for Windows and macOS. Both versions are based on the leading PDF technology of the Adobe® PDF Library™. Try ChkBarcode 2.1 now: free trial version at