PDiff Express 2 has been released in the Mac App Store. With PDiff Express 2, private customers can compare PDF files quickly and easily. The new version is available as a freemium license, which can be extended by in-app purchases to obtain additional features.

PDiff Express 2 allows you to compare the content of two PDF files. Just drag two versions of your document into the PDiff window. PDiff Express 2 displays both documents synchronously and with highlighted text differences. Even if fonts, layout, hyphenation or page breaks were changed between versions.

With the free version you can compare PDF documents with up to 3 pages (max. 1000 words). Additional features such as comparing longer PDF files and generating PDF reports are available as in-app purchase.

Other new features of PDiff Express 2 include:

  • thumbnail view of all the differences for quick overview and navigation

  • navigable list of differences including highlighting of character differences (tool window)

  • GUI supports splitting into separate windows to work in dual monitor environments

  • high-resolution display on retina displays

PDiff Express 2 uses the built-in PDF technology of macOS and is therefore only available for macOS.

For professional users who rely on the PDF technology of the Adobe® PDF Library™ or on the Windows operating system, we provide our company solutions PDiff Desktop, PDiff QA and PDiff Professional with extended functionality.