PDiff Express 2.3 has been released in the Mac App Store. With PDiff Express, private customers can compare PDF files quickly and easily. PDiff Express is available under a freemium license, which can be extended by in-app purchases to obtain additional features.

New features of PDiff Express 2.3 include:

  • Demo report (one page) for in-app purchase Annotated PDF Reports
  • List of page thumbnails for PDF A and PDF B
    • Overview of the entire document and current page
    • Fast page navigation
    • Page error counter on page thumbnails
    • Display of excluded pages (orange “X”)
  • Mouse wheel support for scrolling between PDF pages facilitates fast reviewing of long documents
  • Support for macOS Dark Mode
  • Holding the ALT key at program start shows a dialog to reset all saved window positions and layouts.

PDiff Express 2 uses the built-in PDF technology of macOS and is therefore only available for macOS.

For professional users who rely on the PDF technology of the Adobe® PDF Library™ or on the Windows operating system, we provide our company solutions PDiff Desktop, PDiff QA and PDiff Professional with extended functionality.