PDiff Express for Windows has been released in the Microsoft Store. With PDiff Express, private customers can compare PDF files quickly and easily. PDiff Express is available under a freemium license, which can be extended by in-app purchases to obtain additional features.

Compare PDF with PDiff Express for Windows

Microsoft Store: PDiff Express

Freemium license model with in-app purchase

  • free version compares PDF files with up to 3 pages (max. 1000 words)
  • in-app purchase for unlimited PDF input
  • in-app purchase for comparison reports as annotated PDFs

Key features

  • fast and reliable PDF text comparison for multipage documents
  • highlighting of differences (changes, insertions, and deletions) in the PDF files
  • text synopsis display with synchronized text and highlighted differences
  • synchronized side-by-side display of two PDFs: see corresponding words in all displays by hovering with the mouse over the text
  • comparison handles layout changes (e.g. single vs. multi column), font, size and style changes, added hyphenation and different page breaks
  • spot light display to distinguish text from non-text areas
  • thumbnail widget of all differences for quick overview and navigation
  • navigable list of differences including differences per character (tool window)
  • GUI supports splitting separate windows to work in dual monitor environments
  • full text search function
  • easy-to-use interface for best user experience
  • full Unicode support for international scripts

PDiff Express uses the open source PDF technology PDFium, which is also used by Google Chrome and by Android to render PDFs.

For professional users who rely on the PDF technology of the Adobe® PDF Library™, we provide our company solutions PDiff Desktop, PDiff QA and PDiff Professional with extended functionality.