PDiff Express was reviewed by the Mac Informer editorial team and received the 5* Editor’s Pick Award.

The report summarizes the result as follows:

To conclude, PDiff Express 2 is a smart application that compares PDF texts and pinpoints the differences. It is ideal for checking scripts modified successively by different users so you can see each one’s contribution to the original text.

You can find the complete test report here.

With PDiff Express, private customers can compare PDF files quickly and easily. PDiff Express is available under a freemium license, which can be extended by in-app purchases to obtain additional features.

The Mac version is available at the Mac App Store and the Windows-Version at the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store: PDiff
Mac App Store: PDiff Express 2

For professional users who rely on the PDF technology of the Adobe® PDF Library™, we provide our company solutions PDiff Desktop, PDiff QA and PDiff Professional with extended functionality.