PDiff facilitates control of our packaging produced significantly! The internal examination of our documents is many times faster, cheaper and more reliable. PDiff also meets the external specifications which are required by regulatory authorities from our company.
Dr. Sebastian Kleist, Managing director, AASTON Healthcare GmbH, Germany
The DAT Group at the Ostfildern location uses the PDiff system daily. We are very satisfied with the features and the technical support.
Markus König, Product Line Manager Costing Applications, DAT Group, Germany
The program meets the requirements from the regulatory authorities, the technical support is fast, user friendly and understandable.
Erna Koopman, Head of Pharmaceutical Department, Dr. Fisher Farma B.V., Netherlands
We enjoy working daily with the PDiff software. The software is really easy in use and without mistakes.
Jan de Kreij, Managing director, Eureco Pharma B.V., Netherlands
We have now been working with PDiff since April 2013 and thanks to this software we were able to heavily optimize our processes in product development. In our view Pdiff is the best document comparison software by far.
Stephani Müller, Product Development, MPA-Pharma GmbH, Germany
Thanks to PDiff we compare our documents now completely automatically. This not only improves the process of creating new versions of documents, it also facilitates communication with our customers. We are very pleased with PDiff and the support.
Eugen Daubert, Project Leader "Product Information Management", SEMIKRON Elektronik GmbH, Germany
PDiff gives us the ability to match documents quickly and reliably, in fact to the smallest detail. Foreign-language texts can be compared quickly and safely without knowledge of the language.
Hans-Jürgen Eichhorn, Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH, Germany
PDiff brings a great support and facilitation to our daily work which we do not want to miss.
Rainer Minderlein, Regulations Editorial Board, WEKA MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Legal Department/Contract Management, Yello Strom GmbH, Germany