The new version PDiff 1.7 has been released. New features in this version of the text-based PDF comparison solution are among others:

  • Comparison of font styles: Configurable display of differences regarding font names, font sizes and font attributes such as bold and italics (Menu item Settings > Comparison)
  • Tool for tabular text areas: Highlighting of tabular text regions (Button in the toolbar)
  • Output of a Redline Report: Output format of the protocol can be switched between tabular text synopsis and redline labels (Menu item Settings > Report)
  • Combined text from multiple documents: If the text to compare is distributed over multiple files, it can be merged into a single document (Menu item File > Append Document A/B)
  • Text from the Clipboard: For the comparison of short text fragments, for example e-mails, text may be imported directly from the clipboard without the creation of a document (Right-Click on the PDF preview > Paste clipboard)
  • Display of text flow and control characters: In the PDF preview, the text flow and control characters, such as spaces and line endings, may be optionally displayed (Menu item View > Show text flow or Show control characters)
  • Statistics: In the status bar of the window statistics for the number of deletions, insertions and substitutions will be displayed.

PDiff shows you quickly and safely all text differences between two PDF documents - as a comparison of the two PDFs and with markings of the deviations. So you can check intended revisions quickly and find unintended changes at first glance.

Applications of PDiff Professional are among others: important business documents, pharmaceutical packaging and medical leaflets, technical manuals, legal documents and contracts, financial reports, manuscripts, book texts as well as price lists and catalogs.

PDiff is available as 64-bit version for Windows and Mac OS X. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library. Business customers can request a free trial at

Comparing PDF with PDiff 1.7

Comparing PDF with PDiff 1.7