The new version PDiff 2.1 has been released. New features in this release of the text-based PDF comparison solution are among others:

  • NEW: Menu item Help > Manual (HTML) / Manual (PDF). German version only, English version coming soon.
  • NEW: Menu item Settings > Comparison extended by a configurable list PDF Text Attributes for the option Font Attributes must match. Dialog structured more clearly.
  • NEW (Windows version): Releases from now on include code signing, a possible SmartScreen warning should show "CSci Computer Science GmbH" as publisher
  • NEW: Menu item File > Batch processing additional output formats Annotated PDF A+B and XML
  • NEW: Improved display of page breaks in the synopsis table, hence also shorter reports for the menu item File > Save annotated PDF A+B
  • NEW: Improved layout for large numbers in the map pins
  • NEW: Improved computation and display of insertion marks:
    • Positioning improved (next to predecessor/successor) and changed display when OK checkmark is set
    • Display in the report Annotated PDF A+B matches display on screen
    • Improved display of insertions spanning multiple pages (multiple overlayed map pins)
  • NEW (Windows version): Insertion of email attachments from Outlook directly by drag-and-drop
  • Several minor bug fixes

PDiff shows you quickly and safely all text differences between two PDF documents - as a comparison of the two PDFs and with markings of the deviations. So you can check intended revisions quickly and find unintended changes at first glance.

Applications of PDiff are among others: important business documents, pharmaceutical packaging and medical leaflets, technical manuals, legal documents and contracts, financial reports, manuscripts, book texts as well as price lists and catalogs.

PDiff is available as 64-bit version for Windows and Mac OS X. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library. Business customers can request a free trial at