The new version PDiff 3.0 has been released. New features in this major release of the text-based PDF comparison solution are among others:

  • NEW: List of page thumbnails for PDF A and PDF B
    • Overview of the entire document and current page
    • Fast page navigation
    • Page error counter on page thumbnails
    • Display of excluded pages (orange "X")
  • NEW: Mouse wheel support for scrolling between PDF pages facilitates fast reviewing of long documents
  • NEW: Replacement function with regular expressions allows the definition of complex substitution rules
  • NEW ([QA], [Pro]): Settings > PDF > Text filter > reflow_l2r (l2r = left-to-right) for globally reordering the word order e.g. in scanned PDFs after OCR text recognition
  • NEW (Mac version): Support for macOS Dark Mode

PDiff shows you quickly and safely all text differences between two PDF documents – as a comparison of the two PDFs and with markings of the deviations. So you can check intended revisions quickly and find unintended changes at first glance.

PDiff easily outperforms document comparison with the naked eye in terms of speed and precision: a human reader achieves an average reading performance of 200 words per minute with an error detection rate of 75%. On the other hand, PDiff manages about 400000 words per minute – that’s 2000 times faster – and above all it works tirelessly with 100% accuracy.

Applications of PDiff are among others: legal documents and contracts, pharmaceutical packaging and medical leaflets, important business documents, technical manuals, financial reports, manuscripts, book texts as well as price lists and catalogs.

PDiff is available as 64-bit version for Windows and macOS. Both versions are based on the proven Adobe® PDF Library™. Business customers can request a free trial at